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Walasa Product FAQs


Do I need to take care of my bag?
When it comes to taking care of your things, bags usually fall under the radar, sitting comfortably under phone and shoes. Bags are so unassumingly durable that it’s hard to imagine it could need any sort of care-taking. In the long run, the wear and tear will start showing in your bag if you don’t take care of it!

Is my bag scratched?
No, this is a usual feature of leather and the markings will be unique to you. Since the sealant is breathable, the Split leather will patina over time and any scratches that occur will work themselves out. If you want to accelerate a scratch removal, you can either set the bag indirectly from a heat source to warm the wax in the finish. With a damp cloth, rub the scratch out.

How should I care for my handbags?
Most handbags can't go into the washer, so prevent stains and dirt as much as possible, especially with designer handbags. Handle them with clean hands, and think about using darker-colored handbags when you go places where there will be food or other things that may stain them. When you take a handbag to the movies or to a restaurant, place it on a chair instead of the floor. Keep items that could stain the interior -- pens, makeup, or snacks -- zipped into another small bag that you keep inside it. Many handbags can be spot-cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. Use leather cleaner on your leather handbags, but be sure to do a test patch in an inconspicuous area to check for color-fastness. For tricky spots or delicate fabrics, take your handbags to the dry cleaner. Store designer bag in the cloth dust bag it came with, in a pillowcase, or in bubble wrap -- but not in tissue paper, which may attract moths. If there is a chain handle, store it inside the handbag where it can't scratch the exterior. Unbuckle any buckles and loosen any straps to prevent marks from the metal.

Which handbags do I need for my wardrobe?
Make sure you have a handbag that will suit everything you do and everywhere you go. You wouldn't want to carry a big shoulder bag when you're wearing an evening gown, just as you wouldn't want to carry everything you need for work in a little clutch. The basics are a large handbag, a medium-sized everyday handbag, and an evening bag. Once you have at least one of each of those, fill in your handbag wardrobe based on what you do, where you go, and what you wear most often.

Does my handbag need to match my other accessories?

If you like the classic look of matching your shoes and fashion handbags, then go for it! Matching your bags, shoes and, your belt can be an easy way to look polished. Mismatched -- but coordinated -- accessories can look very modern, so if you like that style, then you can make it work. Many women find this look to be fresher and less fussy. When your accessories aren't matching, be sure to maintain a similar feeling; for example, try carrying tote bags with casual shoes but use clutch bags when you're wearing pretty pumps.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we offer FREE international shipping on all orders. All orders below are charged at a flat rate for shipping and taxes. Once your order has been received within your country all duty fees are the responsibility of the consignee.

Are all the bags made with Genuine leather?
Yes, we choose the leather of the bag as per the requirement of the design. Some designs are not possible to be made with Genuine leather so we use Split leather for those designs. Under the material section in the descriptions the main material  of the bag is mentioned. 

What is Split leather?
If a skin is divided into several layers over the entire surface, this process is called "splitting". Thicker leather mostly cow leather, which is 5 to 10 millimetres thick, is split. Sometimes, the leather is thick enough for a middle split. The split, separated from the grain split, is also called drop split.

Where are the products manufactured? 
Please know our products are designed in United States and manufactured in BSCI factories in Asia where we also ship from, to serve you with the best prices.