Supporting Single Mothers

10% of all profits are donated to the Single Mothers Outreach organisation (SMO). SMO offers FREE services to support single parents, such as: Food donations, legal issues, Therapy, and Job Finding - We are very grateful to be part of this cause.

Best Sellers

Walasa™ C’esta Lavie BagWalasa™ C’esta Lavie Bag
On sale

Walasa™ C’esta Lavie Bag

$49.99 USD $165.99 USD
Walasa™ Black Professional ToteWalasa™ Black Professional Tote
On sale

Walasa™ Black Professional Tote

$117.99 USD $392.99 USD
Walasa™ Everyday Enamour ToteWalasa™ Everyday Enamour Tote
On sale

Walasa™ Everyday Enamour Tote

$67.99 USD $225.99 USD
Walasa™ Bold Briefcase ToteWalasa™ Bold Briefcase Tote
On sale

Walasa™ Bold Briefcase Tote

$127.99 USD $425.99 USD
Walasa™ Vintage Tassel Boutique BackpackWalasa™ Vintage Tassel Boutique Backpack
On sale
Walasa™ Belt Buckle BackpackWalasa™ Belt Buckle Backpack
On sale

Walasa™ Belt Buckle Backpack

$89.99 USD $299.99 USD
Walasa™ Embroidered Tassel ToteWalasa™ Embroidered Tassel Tote
On sale

Walasa™ Embroidered Tassel Tote

$69.99 USD $230.99 USD
Walasa™ Dual Color Tote ComboWalasa™ Dual Color Tote Combo
On sale

Walasa™ Dual Color Tote Combo

$119.99 USD $399.99 USD

Vintage Shoes

Walasa™ Buckled Strap Vintage ShoesWalasa™ Buckled Strap Vintage Shoes
On sale

Walasa™ Buckled Strap Vintage Shoes

$123.99 USD $412.99 USD
Walasa™ T-Strap Classic ShoesWalasa™ T-Strap Classic Shoes
On sale

Walasa™ T-Strap Classic Shoes

$119.99 USD $399.99 USD
Walasa™ Leaves Pattern Vintage ShoesWalasa™ Leaves Pattern Vintage Shoes
On sale
Walasa™ Animal Print Classic High HeelsWalasa™ Animal Print Classic High Heels
On sale
Walasa™ Ankle-Length Kitten BootsWalasa™ Ankle-Length Kitten Boots
On sale

Walasa™ Ankle-Length Kitten Boots

$147.99 USD $479.99 USD
Walasa™ Ankle-Length Pointed BootsWalasa™ Ankle-Length Pointed Boots
On sale

Walasa™ Ankle-Length Pointed Boots

$149.99 USD $498.99 USD
Walasa™ Lace-up Martin BootsWalasa™ Lace-up Martin Boots
On sale

Walasa™ Lace-up Martin Boots

$153.99 USD $512.99 USD
Walasa™ Lace-up Vintage BootsWalasa™ Lace-up Vintage Boots
On sale

Walasa™ Lace-up Vintage Boots

$167.99 USD $558.99 USD


About us

At Walasa, Our mission is to experiment with with unique designs and yet match the functionality of everyday life. Our goal for you is to carry a bag that radiates good vibe wherever you go with exclusivity and uniqueness. We have always had a thing for uniqueness, so we created bags for you that stand out. Our exclusive designs are created to help you navigate through your personal life efficiently, with a flair of elegance. Carrying your uniqueness requires confidence and our mission is to enhance your everyday journey by carrying your uniqueness with confidence.

We care

You know that one friend that would do anything to make you happy? That's us. Free shipping with care & 30 day money back guarantee. Any issues? Our 24/7 customer support is there to guarantee 100% satisfaction.