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buying bags should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket. We selectively handpick exclusive designs for you. Shoulder bags, Backpacks, Crossbody etc—we’ve got you covered.

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Lake Hobo Shoulder BagLake Hobo Shoulder Bag
On sale

Lake Hobo Shoulder Bag

$49.99 USD $99.95 USD
Vintage Chic BackpackVintage Chic Backpack
On sale

Vintage Chic Backpack

$89.99 USD $179.95 USD
The Merlot Crossbody BagThe Merlot Crossbody Bag
On sale

The Merlot Crossbody Bag

$53.99 USD $107.95 USD
Buckle Flap Crossbody BagBuckle Flap Crossbody Bag
On sale

Buckle Flap Crossbody Bag

$63.99 USD $127.95 USD
Detachable Bow Boutique Messenger BagDetachable Bow Boutique Messenger Bag
On sale

Detachable Bow Boutique Messenger Bag

$139.99 USD $279.95 USD
Cutout Flap Boutique Messenger BagCutout Flap Boutique Messenger Bag
On sale

Cutout Flap Boutique Messenger Bag

$149.99 USD $299.95 USD
Stud Detail Boutique Messenger BagStud Detail Boutique Messenger Bag
On sale

Stud Detail Boutique Messenger Bag

$147.99 USD $295.95 USD
Vintage Messenger BackpackVintage Messenger Backpack
On sale

Vintage Messenger Backpack

$127.99 USD $255.95 USD


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At Walasa, we believe that accessories are more than just that, we specialize in creating bags that meet at the intersection of form and functionality, of fashion and dependability. That is why each one of our bags puts focus on what type of leather works best in what style and shape. Each one of the bags is fashioned out of high-quality Genuine or Split leather depending on what the type of bag necessitates, ensuring that what you're purchasing is always going to have a one-of-a-kind air of perfection.

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You know that one friend that would do anything to make you happy? That's us. Free shipping with care & 30 day money back guarantee. Any issues? Our 24/7 customer support is there to guarantee 100% satisfaction.